Pickering Grange – Arena Eventing Rules

British Eventing compliant XC kit must be worn.

Stop watches are not permitted

The Judges’ decision is final.

Please print or bring a number which must be worn in a number bib (or bride number) and be clearly visible

The winner will be the competitor with the lowest number of penalties. In the event of a tie the winner will be the one closest to the optimum time.

Time allowed is twice the optimum time

Optimum time is based on 325mpm (50,60,70) / 350mpm (80) / 360mpm (90) / 375mpm (100)

Penalties will be awarded as follows:

Show Jumping Cross Country
First disobedience* 4 penalties 20 penalties
Second disobedience at same fence 8 penalties 40 penalties
Third disobedience Elimination** Elimination
Knock down of obstacle 4 penalties 4 penalties
Fall of horse Elimination** Elimination
Fall of rider Elimination** Elimination
Every part second in excess of optimum time 0.4 penalties 0.4 penalties
Every part second in excess of 5 seconds under optimum time 0.4 penalties 0.4 penalties
Exceeding time limit Elimination Elimination
Error of course Elimination Elimination
No hat, or chinstrap undone Elimination** Elimination
Retaking obstacle already jumped Elimination Elimination

For British Eventing classes with a joker fence, a knock down incurs 6 penalties.
For British Eventing “Anyone Can Event” (ACE) the Show Jumping penalties in the above table apply to the whole course.

 * Disobedience includes refusal, run out, or circle

** Competitors eliminated for safety reasons in this phase may not proceed to the XC phase.